Katherine "casey" Troutman, FNP

As a dermatology nurse practitioner for more than five years, the range of questions and concerns my patients, family, and friends brought to me about their skin was incredible. The predominant theme was sun safety, and it became clear that, by and large, neither children nor their parents and caregivers know exactly how to protect themselves. 

Books are incredible tools for imprinting behaviors on the minds of children. Not long after reading a story, we hear children repeating a character's words and imitating her actions. Very few children's books demonstrate best practices for skin protective behaviors. And parents and caregivers can be overwhelmed with the many pieces of advice they hear or read.  A children's book is a unique way to help children and their parents and caregivers learn together.

Casey also writes about skincare issues on her blog, Skintranslations.



davinia palmer

In Swansea, South Wales it rains a lot. I spent those rainy days as a child drawing, painting and making doll houses, and as I recall, I once made a My Little Pony castle with a drawbridge out of old cereal boxes and wool.

Creativity has always been within me and has shown in my career as a TV and radio host and voice-over artist. However, creating pieces of art is still something I hold very dear to my heart.

I met Casey in the last year through a very good friend and was immediately drawn to her. She has a spark and was very passionate about the "Sunny Goes To" book  series. When she learned about my artistic capabilities, she contacted me to illustrate the project. I’m very excited to be involved in this project and to see this book come to fruition. If it makes it to the stores, watch out for me thumbing a copy at your local Barnes & Nobles.